I’ve just read a great article about why Nokia is not successful anymore. Bottom line, they have a wrong product strategy, they are not appealing to customers’ needs, they have the wrong marketing strategy. I still remember that epic fail when they made a video showing how great one of their Lumia spartphone was shooting videos, and everyone could see that in fact the video was shot with a film camera, and not with the actual device. Mistakes like this will definitely wipe off the map Nokia forever.

and here is the proof:


According to N8 Download, the most common problems that you’ll encounter on Nokia N8 can be fixed pretty fast. Slow screen, crash or freeze are all about having too many background apps running at the same time. Try to uninstall unnecessary apps. If you’re low on battery, disable 3G connectivity if you’re not using it. If Nokia N8 is too slow, try to free space on C: drive.

This is a Nokia Lumia 800 vs. Nokia N8 720p video recording quality comparison. I really love the way Nokia Lumia 800 looks and feels, but I have to declare N8 the winner of this test. It has better video quality, better sound, better contrast.

Nokia finally decided to release the latest Symbian version – BELLE. You can upload your firmware via Nokia Suite. Remember to backup your phone before the upgrade!

Details and Download BELLE here

Wave is a free game that works even on Anna OS.


SlideAnswer is a call answering app for your Nokia N8. Slide on the scrolling color bars in order to answer or unlock the phone when a call incoming.

Nokia N8 Slide Unlock

Download it